Retail & Environmental
Signage Division


Western Remac, Inc. has uniquely positioned itself as a leader in the retail and environmental signage market, providing a broad scope of products, services and superior customer service. Whether we are supporting an existing signage system or designing new cost-effective solutions, WRI delivers a quality product you can rely on time after time.

In the retail world, timing and image are everything. At Western Remac, Inc., we understand the value of a deadline. We carefully design, produce and install numerous types of graphics for large and small retailers across the nation. From design to installation, we can help you produce those last minute promotional campaign sign projects with ease. Our turn-key approach will make managing your promotional and advertising projects a breeze, and our customer services focus will leave you smiling.

Wayfinding systems direct the public to destinations within facilities and communities. At Western Remac, Inc. we design, produce and install wayfinding systems using our turn-key approach, combining utility with creativity to give our clients a unique, high-quality product. We recognize that wayfinding systems go beyond highlighting local destinations. They define a community’s attention to detail and enchance its surroundings. We have created signage for use in airports, parking garages, universities, parks, forest preserves, zoos, convention centers, historic districts and museums.

Brand recognition and identity are vital for any successful company, large or small. For maximum impact, Western Remac, Inc. can define your company’s identity with eye-catching graphics for your fleet vehicles. Using our turn-key approach and professional staff, we will deliver a high quality product that will enhance your corporate image while meeting your time constraints and budget.

Community branding is an important marketing objective for today’s metropolitan neighborhoods and local governments. We work with our clients to design and produce unique, eye-catching products that capture the essence of communities. We have demonstrated this commitment by collaborating with local communities, developers and other key stakeholders to understand their needs and vision. We then take those learnings to provide some of the most creative and distinctive community branding products available.

At Western Remac, Inc., we custom design, produce and install numerous types of signs and signage systems. Our in house design and engineering staff will ensure your installation not only meets your business needs but also meets local codes with high quality construction and professional installation. Our turn-key approach and cost effective solutions will help manage projects and deadlines to keep projects on budget and on time.  

Contact Western Remac, Inc. today and discover the benefits of a relationship built on quality service, collaboration and reliability.